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Nokma: Seven Used Meanings in Garos

Nokma: Seven Used Meanings in Garos

Nokma is the most commonly used word among garos in achik language and which has seven different meanings.

Akhing Nokma: One who keeps the aching land of his village on behalf of the chatchi or mahari to which his wife belongs. Such a Nokma is known as Akhing Nokma.

Nok•dangni Nokma or Gamni Nokma: One who is wealthy, possessing immense early possessions. Such a Nokma is known as Nok•dangni Nokma or Gamni Nokma.

Mitdeni Nokma: One who has performed the expensive Gana Ceremony. Such a Nokma is known as Mithdeini Nokma.

Bahka•Paonin Nokma: One who is hereditarily in the position of a Chieftain or king. Such a Nokma is known as Bahka•paonin Nokma. 

Sorkarini Nokma: One who is appointed a Village-Headman by the Government so that he may help the Government officials in the discharge of their various duties within the village domain. Such a Nokma is known as Sorkarini Nokma.

Chalang Nokma: One who for visible manifestations of qualities of heart and head in word or deed, he is well-known and respected both by the public general and by the Government. Such a Nokma is known as Chalang Nokma.

Kamal Nokma: One who for his deep erudition in the divinities, mythological lore, and mysterious profundities of creation, is generally looked up to as a visible source of spiritual enlightenment by his own people. Such Nokma is called Kamal nokma.


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