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The Garo Creation Myth

The Garo Creation Myth

Ruel C. Sangma

The Garo creation myth in traditional sangsarek believers is very common with the old testament of the bible. Tatara-Rabuga created the earth from the dirt of his body. At first, he made it as tiny as a speck in the eye. Afterward, he went on adding more and more to it until it reached the desired present size. In the beginning, Tatara-Rabuga made it as fluid on which even a fly could not sit. He then decided to solidify it. He asked the wind to do the needful. The wind was unable to do so. Then he entrusted the sun with the job, who, with his heat was able to solidify the fluid Earth. Tatara-Rabuga then found that the leveled and naked earth did not look beautiful. He, therefore, ordered Aningko Brara Chiningko Jubapa to make hills, mounds, streams, and rivers. Tatara-Rabuga then collected seeds and sowed them on the hard rocks of the hills. But the seeds did not germinate and grow. Tatara-Rabuga felt that they must be sown in some other place and sowed them in the soft soils near the streams and rivers. He was satisfied to see them grow then abundantly. Thus, the whole earth was clothed with vegetation.

The creation of different objects was completed within eight days, and the Creator was named by eight different names accordingly.

1. On the first day, A∙gilbo chigilboko dakchengo (Creation of the Universe), God was known as Tatara Rabuga Stura Pantura or Dakgipa Rugipa Stugipa Pantugipa.

2. The second day, A∙ko bisil kao, chiko waring dako (Separated the land from water); God was called Nostu Nopantu Misi Siste.

3. On the third day, A∙ni prem chini jimjemko (Creation of all living beings on earth and the ocean, except man), God was known as Norebak Norekdim and Jipjini Japjana.

4. On the fourth day, God was called as Aijangga Reding Banda or Norimjak Nosiksak for He created Sal ja aro askirangko (Creation of all heavenly bodies).

5. God came to be known as Asima Dingsima Drama Chisama Dempema Demjima on the fifth day for He created Sam-bolko (Creation of plants and vegetation).

6. On the sixth day, God created Mandeko (man) so He was known as Ba∙bra or Rabuga Ranaga.

7. On the seventh day, God created the lesser god and goddess of wealth, food crops – Patigpa Ra∙rongipa Ruragipa Kontogipa miterangko – so He was known as Susimema Sangkildoma∙a.

8. On the eighth day, God was known as Rekroni Rekrona for he created the supernatural powers of dread, fear, and misfortunes – Bon∙atgipa Chon∙atgipa skalrang.

The Creator, Dakgipa Rugipa Stugipa Pantugipa ended the work of creation, and rested on the ninth day from all His works and blessed and sanctified it in the form of a festival, known as “Drua Wanbola or Wangala”.


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