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About Us

About Us

The Garo Journal has been initiated for the upholding garo/achik society, heritage, language, custom and tradition. It needs your full support to reach its desired goal and vision. It is an electronic digital journal of the Garos’ and Adivasi people as well. This is Garo Initiative of Adivasi Network on Heritage Culture Language to promote society, culture and language which are based on writing article, research and publishing e-journal to spread amongst nation and throughout the world. Garo journal is an initiative of multi-platform as a medium of knowing about own Achik garo mande customs, traditions, culture, language, habitats, foods, life style and their history of nomad by storytelling, documentary, folktales and in-depth research on the issues. If you have any valuable information, articles, documents, books, stories or pictures that you think would be helpful and would like to share or post to know everyone you may kindly login or contact in the following address. Hoping to provide, is our earnest request, with the valuable information to digitalised own history, culture, tradition, custom and language etc. and make the world open to know our tradition, custom, culture and society.


To be a platform for studies of the GARO ACHIK peoples, related to preservation and promotion of their culture, traditions, language, lifestyle and their history of nomads by storytelling, folktales, documentary, and in-depth research on the issues with special emphasis on publishing articles, documentary, and books.


With the emphasis on the GAROS, the platform will work on digital preservation and archiving of articles, papers, documents, pictures on the GAROS for usages, and promotions of language by developing resources to study the achik culture, custom, and traditions, etc.


  • Interdisciplinary research, publication, and development of linguistics. 
  • Disseminating information on own culture, tradition, language.
  • Providing facilities to new generation writers, scholars, researchers.


Website- https://www.garojournal.com

E-mail- [email protected]

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Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/c/garojournal/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/garojournal/

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