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Bonepa’s First Jhum Cultivation: A.chik Jhum Month

Bonepa’s First Jhum Cultivation: A.chik Jhum Month

The Garos practice shifting cultivation which is known as Jhum cultivation. They follow a calendar laid down by Bonepa. Janepa the first person to perform all the rites connected with jhum cultivation, as instructed by Misi Apilpa Saljon Galapa to Apilpa Chini Galapa, another patriarch who was the first jhum cultivator in the hills of A.chik, invented the names of the jhum months as follows.

1. Gamalkaja-March

2. Mebakja-April

3. Jagro-May

4. Sohgalja-June

5. Jagapja-July

6. Jamebok-August

7. Mejaphang-September

8. Ahnija-October

9. Berokja-November

10. Kilokja-December

11. Awitja- January

13. Wachengja-February


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