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Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man; and, therefore, if a man write little, he had need have a great memory; if he confer little, he had need have a present wit; and if he read little, he had need have much cunning, to seem to know that he doth not.

Francis Bacon

The Garo Journal looking for A.chik/Garo writers and translators who are good at writing articles in English, A.chik and Bangla or both on various subjects related to Garos arts, culture, tradition, language, literature, religion, folktale, lifestyle, economics, education and political issues etc. and another part of ICT.  Write a minimum from 1500 to 2000 or above words.

Send your article to E-mail- [email protected] [email protected]

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Condition Applicable:

  1. After publishing, the article author must spread publicity through like, share in his facebook ID, and journal facebook page, group.
  2. Writing articles must be the authors unique original literary works or research and must have references.
  3. All articles which published in the journal are sole and exclusive copyright the owner and the author must not use it any other place without prior concern.
  4. Depending on the above condition every author is entitled to an honorarium as per contact for his/her every article at the end of the month.

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