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Achik Folk Song: Dani Doka

Achik Folk Song: Dani Doka

This is another type of A·chik folksong sung by elderly men immediately after Cha· chat so·a or burning of incense ceremony of the Wangala thanksgiving festival. The singers sing on the subject of the origin of the Rugala and Cha·chatso·a. The words are a spontaneous flow from the mouth of the singer. The words used are classical and suggestive. The song is sung to remind the people not to disregard the instruction of the gods. The men gather around the Trumal or Turumal which is a sacrificial post at the Nokma’s house for the incense burning ceremony. As soon as the incense is burnt by the Nokma amidst music, to please the god of blessings and distribution Misi Sal jong, the men start singing Dani.

Oh Okkuangsi Japangchongsi,

Anga grunakenga salpang simenga;

Raka kongtokba balwa enokba;

Songdu sagalmaoni Rekbok chigaoni;

Mikkasim tangdobabojok;

Badriko chodobabojok;

Abetpani songona Ranggapani chigana,

Chodobabo gitdubabo;

Adok chigako kasinjrimatbo,

Chiring chisikko tangatbo;

Tangsekgilgil simchina,

Ana prime namchina;

Gitchobabo gitubabo.

Chingni ajana bakun.


Oh Okkuangsi Japangchongsi (god of death),

I‟m keeping this ritual and ceremony to appease you;

The strong wind and storm;

From the mother ocean, from the source of water;

Cause the dark clouds to rise skyward,

And send the rain on a voyage;

To the land of Abetpa and the waters of Rangapa

Let them come rowing up, towards land;

Let the land feel the cool,

Let streams and springs come to life once again;

Let the land be verdant once more,

Let greenery fill the earth;

Come sailing towards us

To our land, to our fields.

Click to here Dania song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J72g-_bOMWg


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