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Garo Traditional Musical Instruments

Garo Traditional Musical Instruments

Music plays an important role in the life and culture of the garos. “Music is in their blood”, it is often said metaphorically. They have a rich oral tradition and music is one way through which knowledge and folktales are transmitted through generations.

Songs and dances are often inspired by the natural environment, the annual agricultural cycle, or by historical events like war and conflicts of the past, the founding of the village, or waves of migration.

Music & Dance

Group songs may include Nangorere, Serejing, Pandu Dolong etc. Dance forms are Ajema Roa, Mi Su-a, Chambil Moa, Do-kru Sua, Kambe Toa, Gaewang Roa, Napsep grika, and many others. The traditional Garo musical instruments can broadly be classified into four groups.


Self-sounding and made of resonant materials – Kakwa, Nanggilsi, Guridomik, Kamaljakmora, all kinds of Gongs, Rangkilding, Rangbong, Nogri etc.


Wind instruments, whose sound come from air vibrating inside a pipe when is blown – Adil, Singga, Sanai, Kal, Bolbijak, Illep or Illip, Olongna, Tarabeng, Imbanggi, Akok or Dakok, Bangsi rosi, Tilara or Taragaku, Bangsi mande, Otekra, Wa’ppe or Wa’pek.


Stringed instrument – Dotrong,  Sarenda, Chigring, Dimchrang or Kimjim, Gongmima or Gonggna.


Which have skins or membranes stretched over a frame – Ambengdama, Chisakdama, Atong dama, Gara-ganching dama, Ruga and Chibok dama, Dual matchi dama, Nagra, Kram etc.

Musical Instruments used during the festivals and ceremonies:

  1. Dama
  2. Nagra
  3. Kram
  4. Kram.nagadik.ba natuk
  5. Rang
  6. Dimchrang
  7. Gongginna ba gongbinna ba matchong
  8. Dengginna
  9. Sarengda
  10. Pangsi ba bangsi
  11. Imbanggi ba illip
  12. Adil
  13. Nenggilsi
  14. Susuak
  15. Sanai.ba.charit
  16. Singga
  17. Digang
  18. Baburengga
  19. Dotrong
  20. Dama.dadigipa
  21. Dama rikkakgipa
  22. Dama ongripgipa
  23. Awe.aro.chisak.dama
  24. Atongaro gitchu.dama
  25. Ruga aro chibok.dama
  26. Gara ganching.dama
  27. Nagra ba dama dalsang.ba.kodereng
  28. Bitchimani.bisa.dama
  29. Rangkilding
  30. Rangbong
  31. Kamal jakmora.
  32. Kakwa
  33. Guuri.do.amik
  34. Silcha
  35. Chigring
  36. Bangsi mande
  37. Dadok
  38. O.tekra
  39. Illongma
  40. Tarabeng
  41. Kal
  42. Wa.pek
  43. Wa.pepe
  44. Tilara ba.taragaku

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