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Garos Traditional Weapon and Game

Garos Traditional Weapon and Game

Ruel C. Sangma


In the past, feuds and conflicts were a part of life. Every village, conglomeration of villages, and tribes had to defend themselves against raids and invasions by others, or went themselves on the advance to subjugate others. The environmental surroundings, too, were full of dangers with wild animals like tigers and bears roving in the jungle. For protection, as well as warfare, weapons were tools no village could do without.

Their weapons are reminder of how people struggled for survival. Garos have their own traditional weapons. One of the principal weapons is two-edged sword called Milam made of one piece of iron form hilt to point. Sometimes the yak’s tails adorn the hilt of a milam. The Garo name for a yak is matchik or dongru. There is a cross-bar between the hilt and the blade where attached a bunch of cow’s tail-hair. Other types of weapons are sepi made by wooden and danil made by bear skin, spears, bows and arrows, axes, daggers etc.


The Garos have different kinds of sports, some of which are:

  • Wa.pang kala which two persons place a strong bamboo on a big stone and try to fit each other.
  • Gando Makkal Kala in which two persons hold each other on their waists and try to pin down to the ground for a considerable period of time.
  • Sue Goa or two groups of men of any number take the opposite side and try to finish the sues or round cans which are placed standing in row.
  • Ja.kol kala which consists of chasing from one home to another, and try to catch the person running from one home to another.
  • Others games are cockfighting, wrestling, high and long jumps, climbing of hanging ropes tug of war, Gila kala ba gosussa, top kala, durupia, waring bila, jakpong pesussa, wapong sikgrika, dakgrika, dinggrikani ko skia, ring.anirang ko skia etc. Read more

For Further Reading.

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