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Origin of the Stones And Vegetation

Origin of the Stones And Vegetation

Anny Clara Ghagra

When Mane Philte (Mother Earth) was in her early years, there were no rocks and stones and waters were not yet divided. So Nosthu Nophanthu commanded the spirits, the two Gorang brothers and the two Patrang uncles, to sow the seeds of stones, rocks and cliffs. At the time the two Gorang brothers and two Patrang uncles were but naughty youngsters, playing with their seeds of gila (Entada scandens) and their fishing hooks. Soon they came to age when they no longer cared for their playthings; their voices become husky and their hair began to grow long and shaggy.

Following the cue from Nosthu Nopanthu they began to sow the seeds from Ahsong Rongribo Chiga Mikchido, scattering the seeds of stones, rocks and cliffs all over the earth. Then one patriarch (head of a tribe) Bamin Racha Sojon Gitel requested them to left some part of the earth alone as if they spread the seeds everywhere men would not be able to plough the grounds with buffaloes, make dams for fishing and storing water. However, the brothers and uncles pay no heed to this and it made Bamin Racha angry, he chased them out far and wide where they spread the seeds. Without Bamin Rachas involvement there would not be any plains that we see today.

Afterwards the Gorang brothers and Patrang uncles sowed the seeds of stones, rocks and cliffs as far south as Donari Waknachil. They all sprang up to their respective sizes and shapes in one night, soon mother earth was full of jagged stones, massive rocks and stately cliffs. The earth was still quite bare as there were no trees, plants, grass or herbs yet. So Nosthu Nophanthu said, “It is not good for Mane Philte to remain bare”. The goddess then ordered the sisters Tikre Tikse and Gatre Gatse to sow the seeds of trees, plants, herbs and grass of different species and sizes on the surface of the whole earth. The two diligent sisters then began scattering the seeds of trees, plants, shrubs and grass all over the earth. And so was Mother Earth first clad in her thriving vegetation. Read in Bengali

Notes: 1. Nosthu Nophanthu-Female Spirit Goddess who created the earth at the command of the Supreme Goddess Tatara Rabuga.

  1. Ahsong Rongribo Chiga Mikchido-Literally, the land Rongribo and the watering place of Mikchido. Ancient Garo name of the area, the land, at present incorporated in the village land of Gabil Anem, Daningka and the riparian areas in the vicinity of the Chichura-Manda Rivers in the north-eastern part of Garo Hills.

  2. Donari Waknachil-Literally, Donari indicates the swine-eared.

  3. Gila (Entada scandens)-It is a one kind of herb vine. It grows up to one metres. Read in Bengali

Originally Tale were told by Totim Sangma Nengminza, Rongjeng, District Garo Hill which collected by Dewansing Rongmuthu (1960).


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