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Tatara Rabuga: The Supreme Deity of the Garo

Tatara Rabuga: The Supreme Deity of the Garo

Ruel C. Sangma

The Garo/A∙chik believes in the existence of a Supreme Deity who is known to them as Tatara Rabuga. He is the greatest of all the deities and spirits of the Garo (A∙chik) traditional religion sangsarek believer. Tatara-Rabuga is the creator of the world and everything of the worlds at his command by
two lesser spirits, Nostu-Nopantu and Machi.

He is considered as the greatest of the spirits, and his special mission is to the welfare of man and is the curing of wasting diseases such as Kala-azar and other persistent fevers. He is known by eight other names, viz.

  • Stura-Pantura,
  • Jipjini-Jipjana,
  • Kuradok-Kurapin,
  • Chandasi-Gongongrigipa,
  • Bulgipa-Imbanggipa,
  • Ajanjan-Buljanjan,
  • Sekira-Balira and
  • Jamanokgipa-Janginibiambi.

The A∙chiks call him by about one hundred and sixty names, of which the following are some of the names mentioned, Tatara-Rabuga, Bisikrom Bidatare, Rabugama, Ranagama, Stura Pantura, A∙ning Randinima, Ambi Mori, Dakdame, Rurime, Dakgipa Rugipa, Aiti, Biati, Korabok Korapin, Maresu Marebok, Dingipa, Babra, Ba.rangipa, Chitragipa, Nirikgipa, Sandigipa, Ja∙rikgipa, Ja∙sangipa, Janggini Nokgipa, Jamani Biambi, Pattigipa, Ra∙rongipa, Sualgipa, Imbagipa, Mikbergipa, Mitdakgipa, Ja∙ragipa, Ja∙chitgipa, Rakkigipam Nirokgipa, Chichrigipa Rakkigipa, Chijanggiko Ripinggipa, Chichrigipa Rakkigipa, Chijanggiko Kangipa, Chichriko On∙gipa, Jikmite Gosai, Ma∙gipa Jagring.

Rabuga, Ranaga, Tatara, or Dakgipa are used as names for a God who is believed to have made the world and man. Dakgipa, in fact, means quite literally “the one who makes.”

The A∙chiks believe in the Supreme Being, Tatara-Rabuga. In addition to this deity, they also believe in numerous Mitde (gods) attributing to each one of them some specific work. There are multiple numbers of beneficent and malevolent Mitde (gods) in the Garo pantheon. The anger of any Mitde must be appeased by offering a sacrifice. There are many other Deities in the Garo Sangarek religion believers. They are followings:

  • Misi-Saljon
  • Nostu-Nopantu
  • Goera
  • Kalkame
  • Susime
  • Asima-Dingsima
  • Chorabudi
  • Nawang


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