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PA Sonaram Rongrokgre Sangma

PA Sonaram Rongrokgre Sangma

Ruel C. Sangma

Sonaram R. Sangma is the first Garos political leader. He was born in 1867 and died on 1916 before the Independent of the India. After completing his studies, Sangma joined the Government service in the Public Works Department office as a Mohurer. He left PWD in 1899. He constructed a road from Tura to Rongrenggiri along the bank of Simsang river via Rombagiri, Chokagiri, Rangmalgiri and Dolwagiri and this road was known by the people of that localities as Sonaram Sorok or Sonaram road.

He fought against the British Government during India dominated by the British Govt. He was demanded for the Greater Garo Land and fought for the many times against the British and Zamindars. For this reasons he has imprisoned for the several times.  And the British soldiers were threatened to kill him but he did not afraid and he reply to them that ‘You can shoot me by a gun and kill me and throw my dead Body in the Manda River’. But where to a place my dead body reach you must be signed in an agreement that till to this place should be the Garo Land. Sonaram was drawn into the vortex of national struggle against the zamindars and the British. The Nokmas, Laskars and other Garo leaders whose lands were encroached upon by zamindars approached his for advice, guidance and to head the agitation. He was at the forefront of the Garo national struggle for grievances pertaining to the Nazarana lands and the Habraghat Pargana, restoration of the reserved forests to the Garos and abolition of the Begar system or Imprisonment of labor. Read more


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