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New Era of Achik Music and Musician

Achik Music and Musician

New Era of Achik Music and Musician

Mikhail Ch Marak & Ronald Sangma
The ‘new era’ of interesting music has, perhaps, arrived in the Garo Hills with our young musicians experimenting with a diverse set of genres, influenced by artists from all over the world. It is quite frequent, we come across young local stars sharing beautiful covers and originals in the social media. Here is but a small compilation of the talented bands, singers, music producers and musicians of the new era from the region that have already made their mark.

  • Fame the Band: (Genre:Alternative Rock/Pop) The dynamic quartet won many hearts and the “Best Potential Band” title at the Hornbill International Rock Contest. They are also ranked at a comfortable 16th spot in “Senniehser Top 50 bands from India” contest held recently.
  • Haystack Ladies: (Genre: Rock) They are one of the popular girl bands from Tura known for their energetic live shows.
  • Restless Desire: (Genre:Progressive Rock/Metal) After their unforgettable show back in 2011 at Tura, this skilled band was involved in numerous shows across the state. They also went on to win the Meghalaya Icon contest in 2013.
  • Ahowee: (Genre: Folk/Rock) The first folk fusion rock band of Garo Hills created waves of fresh ethnic music with their hits.
  • Deo Gratias: (Genre:Blues/Rock) This band sends out breezy vibes of love and gratefulness with their music.
  • Notes Of A·rongga: (Genre:Contemporary Folk/Hard Rock) Often dubbed as the storytellers of the A·chik culture and history, the band speaks about their deep rooted connection with A·chik aesthetics in every song. They have toured Myanmar for a 3-day India-Myanmar Friendship Concert. Indie Lake winner 2016 held at Silchar
  • Titans: (Rock) One of the most renowned local rock band is famous for their hit singles, rock concerts and is quite popular among the youngsters.
  • Ben Izzy Silvers: (Indie Musician/Songwriter/Studio owner) The young and talented Ben Izzy is actively involved in songwriting, shows and collaborations. He kicks sides with his pet project band called BLACK JACK. He has won Song Composition Contest for MeCEL and has several good music videos on Youtube.
  • Ultimate Page: (Progressive Rock) The band is an assemble of outstanding musicians which never disappoint the audience and a perfect gem of technique and music.
  • Safe and Sound: (Indie/Blue Grass/Funk/Alternative-Rock) The young band won “The Road Ahead 2016” Song of the Year Contest and Won “Best Song” and 1st runner-up in Meghalaya Icon Contest.
  • Taste of Flavour: (Fusion/jazz/pop) With their unique, distinctive grooves, their music is like a breath of fresh air in the music ecosystem of Tura. Apart from playing at local shows, they also participated in the Megh Icon 6, 2016
  • Mervin Sangma: (Musician/Sound Engineer) Live sound systems handled by him is a boon to the region.
  • Chesmush Marak: “Won Best Bassist” in Megh Icon 2016. He produced a video song titled “Whisper” and “Git” and got more than 4k YouTube views in a month, which is an achievement keeping in mind the limited population of the Garo internet users.
  • Independent Rappers: We also have our native rappers contributing to music in their own special ways. Some of the notable ones are Lil Tune (Tangrikam), Blunt Team [Valdo a.k.a Val-d(rapper) Luckcheng a.k.a LJ-Cee(rapper) AJ a.k.a Hasty j(rapper singer) Chingbat a.k.a Ching zo(youngest rapper) and Chesrang Marak(crew manager) Niksrang marak a.k.a Great-Nik  Agatho a.k.a AK young as (producer )Daniel a.k.a dj fox(official dj)of the crew]. Reuben Beddoe (Rapper) pursuing Masters in Sound Engineering in Australia and collaborated with various artists.

Indie Garo Videos on Youtube:

  • Crystal Bolwarie is a YouTube sensation with her angelic voice. Her cover (Somewhere over the Rainbow) is viewed more than 30k times on YouTube.
  • Achugra B Sangma: The drummer prodigy, whose video went viral on YouTube is such an inspiration to musicians to not let go of our dreams. He was selected as the drummer for the Shillong band Dymbur.
  • Abel Phoenix: Drummer of Ultimate Page and a singer/songwriter, who is active on social media channels like YouTube, SoundCloud and ReverbNation recently came up with his new single called ‘Smile’.

Chesyl Momin: One of the first among the Garos to obtain a degree in Masters of Church Music (Voice Major), from Philippine Baptists Theological Seminary. She is a regular face in the Tura Baptist Church and prominently manages the Church Choir, which render soulful and melodic hymns during Sunday Worships.
Shammy Ch. Momin: The cold winter concerts and festivals are not complete without the blend of the oldies and retro feel by Shammy and The Band. Member of one of the oldest bands, Volcano from Tura, formed in the year 1974 as a 4 member band, Shammy Momin continues to mesmerizes the audience till today with their country music, and is a living testament of the adage ‘forever young.’
Strange Origin is a five member band from Tura, conceived by the two guitarists Jachon and Ajang Marak and in the year 2011. The members of Strange Origin are from different places but with God’s blessings, became as one family. As a band, Strange Origin plays music of all genre but focus mostly on Gospel music. Coram Deo is the side project of the group which participated and won the Gospel Beat Contest in the year 2014 held at Tura, Meghalaya.

There are the heroes who are behind the making of the ‘stars,’ selflessly crafting and nurturing our upcoming talents.

  • Tengrang Sangma (Music Teacher) Director of Bosco Academy of Music, Tura affiliated to Trinity College of Music, London, is working on a choir compilation of the Garo Gospel Songs.
  • Silman Marak: A great guitarist, presently based in Mumbai: performs, records as a solo artist; gives guitar demonstrations for Ibanez Guitars, and also gives guitar clinic for young guitar players. Achievements: Won the Best Guitar Players Award in the year 2004 at Audio Plus Guitar, Competition,2007. Certified by Ibanez Japan as Ibanez guitar technician, an Ibanez guitar Endorsee. Also the first non-Japanese to be certified by Ibanez in their two-week guitar maintenance course.
  • Titto Sangma (Bridge Music Academy, Delhi), Evangel Momin (Guitar Instructor, Furtados School of Music, Mumbai), Hollyfield Raksam (Vocal Instructor, Furtados School of Music, Mumbai). Many youths are pursuing careers in Music and studying in Music Schools, and some working as Music Teachers in various parts of the country.

Courses on Music In Meghalaya: St. Anthony’s College Shillong; Martin Luther College, Shillong (both offer Degree Courses – BA Music (Honors), and NEHU offers Masters In Music, which covers Western Classical, Indian Classical & Traditional/Folk Music Study). Apart from that, there are Private Music Schools which conducts exams of Trinity School Of Music, London, Royal School Of Music. The interest in music has led many to study and work as professionals in Studio Music Recording and Live Music.

A.chik Music In Abroad:

A·chik Band Community of Bangladesh:

Many A·chik bands and singers from Bangladesh are producing and promoting a.chik music and have a strong forum A·chik Band Community of Bangladesh to work together for the A·chik music. Some A·chik Rock Bands of Bangladesh are following whose individual initiatives are promoting language culture and tradition.

1. Sacrament-Vocal-Patric Sangma

2. Re Re- Sobuj Maji

3. Jumang-Mukut Chisim

4. Allaince Rock-Snaption Ghagra

5. Some of Resume-Walnam Mankhin

6. Bleeding For Survival-Westly Sangma

7. Aiaw-Shaianto Mangsang

8. F Minor-Nadia Ritchil

Although there are some single artists-Jadu Ritchil, Kishore Claudius Napak, Donald Hawee, Rumjhum Bijoya Ritchil, Samorpon Snal and many new others those are trying to promote music and to build their position in a.chik music society.

  • A half-A·chik half-French singer by the name Yaoana Claquin is the main vocalist of an indie funk band The Green Flamingos. She is based in France.
  • Dano Sangma works at Berklee College of Music, Boston, US.

Some of the upcoming music students who are doing us proud:

  • Abheyrak T Sangma from Don Bosco School, Tura secured highest marks in Music in the last concluded MBOSE Class XII exams — highest in Meghalaya.
  • Kadangchie R Sangma, under the Nagaland Board of School Education scored the highest in Music subject in whole state of Nagaland.

Thanks to the some online music platform for serving as a medium for these independent Garo artists to showcase their talents to the world. We are hoping that more of our talented artists will come out and share their talents with the world — to spread our language culture tradition and above all our a.chik music. Read more


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