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Achik Folk Song: Katta Agana

Achik Folk Song: Katta Agana

Katta agana or epic Storytelling relating to the legends of Dikki and Bandi, Giting, Kanjing, Sore, and other traditional cultural heroes and heroines of the A·chiks are mentioned in this epic poetry. There are varieties of Katta Agana such as dokkotchua, ring·badria, katchidoka, katchiring·a, dokmandeaor a·bengkatta, rugakatta, a·wekatta, chisakkatta, and ring·dikgila.

Dewansingh Rongmitu writes in his book “The Epic Lore of the Garos” that in praise of the superb beauty of the hill country the mother of Dikki, the following song is sung.

 Katta Agana:

Gongma dare chipakram dipsauak,

Sillang matbil gakatram gongguak;

Bapema gangramako ja·bra,

Sillangma ajamako ku·gira;

Chimangspe dareko tapsre,

Misi kilding borako dipchre

A·song jaseng Reriprang,

Bri tengsri Posallang;

Pa·angdingding Billirang,

Balkhasin Palmangsang (Rongmitu, 68).


This is Gongma falls, where water roars down in spate,

The precipice which bears ascend in fearless state,

A thousand geckoes o‟er cliffs at random creep,

And chasms in dark rocks yawn wide and deep;

While waterfalls fume and foam spraying showers

Gossamers sail along, wreathing pensile flowers;

This is the bright country of Reriprang,

The translucent hill of Posallang;

That’s the open space of Billirang

And the breezy land of Palmangsang.


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