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Garos Traditional Games and Sports

Garos Traditional Games and Sports

Nokpanteo tugiparang dingtang dintang kal’anirangko kal’a. Uamang be’en-bimangko aro.gisikkoba an’seng-baljoke rakkina nangronga. Uamanggoni jean bilakbata, ukon uamanh an’tangtangko “matgrik” channa. Achik panterangni nokpanteo kal’ronggipa kal’anirang mongsongbate iarang ong.a-

Sue goa:

The sue is a big round bean, and is an imitation of marbles. There are two
groups of players of any number who take opposite sides and the number of sues lost or gained determines the result of the game.

Gando makkal pala:

It is also known as chagripa or chogripa fight because of the manner
of the wrestling. It is a form of wrestling and the two wrestlers simply require holding each other on their waists and try to pin down to the ground for a considerable period of
the time.

Wa’pong sika:

Two people are involved in this game. A strong bamboo its used,
placed on a big stone and the two contestants sit at each end of the pole. The one who can lift the other from the sitting position is declared the winner.

Ja’kol Ka’la:

It is a rounds, the ‘homes’ being small round circles at places. The game
consist of chasing from one home to the other and the party chasing the other group tries to catch them while running from one home to other. Other games are different kind of wrestling and cock-fighting, such as

  1. An’ding sala
  2. Gostapgrika
  3. Budu salgrika
  4. De’tom susa’a
  5. Kilkok de’susa’a
  6. Jakpong pe’grika
  7. Makkre bolgong mala
  8. Duru bolma wea
  9. Chue bildosusa.ani
  10. Bakroe bilsusaani
  11. Wa.ambong sota aro uandakgipa
  12. Gymnastics etc.

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