Wanna folk Dancegaro wangala dancegaro wangala dance

Wangala Song Dimdim Dimchong Dadichong

Wangala Song Dimdim Dimchong Dadichong

Dimdim dimchong dadichong

Dama dokato

Nomil pante mesana

An·ching wangalao.

Dama bangsi sikana

An·ching mesana.

Kotip gital ra·ako kae nipana

Bilsi gisep changsasan an·senge nina.

Matchu chara milako jengo gatako,

Cha·e mesa an·sengna an·ching wangalao.

Dimdim Dimchong Dadichong (Sound of drum beats)

In English:

When thus drum beats start

Maidens and young men dance

In our Wangala festival

To the beat of drums and tune of flutes

Let us dance heartily.

Let me try the new pagri on my head

And dance just this once during the year.

We shall have a feast of the fattened ox

And dance and make merry in our Wangala.


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