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Achik Folk Song: Nanggorere

Achik Folk Song: Nanggorere

It is a Garo folk song for all happy occasions, and the verses are sung alternately by young men and women individually or in a chorus. It is basically a love song that can be sung by anyone on any happy occasion. Although this song is romantic in nature, it also reflects the culture and tradition.

Nanggorere Goserong!

O·e nanggo Goserong!

Pante: A·baoni jalikko, maina minchichotata,

Nomil nambegipako da·nang mikchi ong·ata.

Metra: Me·gong baljok an·sengjok, a·rak sokjok an·sengjok.

Chame nang·ko nikoa, aiao ka·a tim·timjok.


It is so, oh yes it is so!

It is truly so!

Boy: Why do you allow the chilly in the jhum-field to over ripe?

Alas, you have allowed the lovely damsel to shed tears.

Girl: Me·gong has blossomed, dry season has come and brought cheer,

The moment I beheld you darling, my heart began to flutter.


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